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Sondarya Beauty Parlour Floral  
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Sondarya Beauty Parlour, a simply gorgeous experience.
Beauty lies in what we portray and how we project ourself. Images of beauty are everywhere. There is no proper definition of beauty. Nowadays personality of the person is the most important factor. There is a growing emphasis on looking good, feeling good and living longer. Beauty parlour is the place where people apply lotions and creams on their body to look more beautiful. Now a days both male and female go to parlours. Along with their beauty treatment a fitness program will enhance their beauty and make them feel and look fit and more beautiful.
Skin Treatment
A place where we bring to you the most advanced and revolutionary skincare services that help restore and maintain the intrinsic beauty of your skin. Skin Treatment
Hair Fall Treatment
Hair Spa is a therepautic spa treatment. This hair care program gives your hair an extraordinary feeling of well-being and luxury Hair Fall Treatment
Make Up
Make Up
Beauty Tips
Tip For Eyes
Drink lots and lots of water...
it will make your skin glow and will also make you beautiful
Tip For Face
Take some few panner rose blossoms grind it well and apply on your face leave it for 15 mins and wash it in cold water. The skin colour will be totally change
Tip For Hairs
Add a lemon peel to a 'shikakai' and 'amla' mixture while washing your hair.